In comic books, superheroes are the idols of many and often represent what is best about humanity. Although it's more than unlikely you will gain powers similar to comic book heroes, you can be a superhero none-the-less by following their ideals. Here are just a few methods you can be a real life superhero.

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    Respect and love your family. Superheroes are not just heroes to strangers; they are heroes to their families. Respect your elders. Obey your parents even when you think they are wrong. Tell your family you love them every day.
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    Be polite to others. Always mind your manners. This will improve your standing and elevate you in the minds of others.

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    Obey the law. A superhero understands that laws are meant to protect people. The only time a superhero should not obey the law is if it hurts someone or deprives people of their rights. Even in this case, a superhero will challenge the law legally. Never disobey the law unless absolutely necessary as if someone's life depended on it.
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    Contribute to those less fortunate. A superhero is only one person. Even if you had the powers of those heroes in the comic books, you can still only hope to help a few. Fortunately the superhero is not alone. If you have more than others, contribute what you have to charity. A charity has the capability to help potentially millions more than you could help on your own.
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    Help those in need. If you see someone having trouble, offer to help. Even the simplest of good deeds can have a ripple effect in goodwill. Try helping someone pick up something they dropped, or lend someone who is just short of money enough to complete their transaction. You can totally make a person's day.
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    Join a volunteer fire department. Firefighters and other emergency personnel are real life heroes. What could be a better way to be a hero yourself if you are truly dedicated? Instead of volunteering, you could get a paid job, but a superhero does not look for compensation for his efforts.
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    Do community service. Superheroes help their community. This can be as easy as picking up litter on your street or volunteering for a food drive.
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    Help out in emergency situations. If there was a crash or a house fire, you wouldn't have super powers to swoop in and save the day, but you do have the power to act for good. Call the authorities if you have just witnessed an emergency, check on people to see if they are ok, or perform first aid. If the authorities have arrived, stay out of their way.
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    Be a role model to children. Children look up to superheroes. Even when you are not doing something super heroic, watch how you act. Children will copy you.
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    Stand up for what you believe in. If there is a wrong in society, speak up and be heard. Legally protest immoral laws or write letters to government officials for any wrong you spot in society.
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