Rizky Aulya Akbar

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歐力旗 [Ou Li Qi]

This phonetic name was given by NFU to me. I was admitted into Master of Science program in Industrial Management at National Formosa University. My Master’s thesis was “Cluster Analysis of Jakarta Islamic Index Stocks Based on Risk Adjusted Return”.
Decade before, I was admitted into the Asset Management undergraduate program at Bandung State Polytechnic. My undergraduate thesis was titled “Design Analysis of Equipment Warehouse Management System PT Pos Indonesia,” and I obtained a Bachelor’s in Applied Sciences (S.ST.) in 2012.

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誰 @rizkyaulya ?

The Anti Hero Archetype who love exploring and meeting new people. I believe that everybody you meet has at least one incredible story to share. You’ll either learn something new or be exposed to an entirely different way of looking at things.

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Data Clustering

Cluster Analysis of Jakarta Islamic Index Stocks Based on Risk Adjusted Return.

Systems Analysis

Design Analysis Of Equipment Warehouse Management Information System PT Pos Indonesia.

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I had 106 different ideas. Yet every time I sat down at my computer to write there was something keeping my fingers from dancing across the keys. It was this nagging and constant thought thumping around in my head…


No. 64, Wenhua Road, Huwei Township, Yunlin County, Taiwan 632