Most of TV is dark these days. Over the past 10 years, TV have taken us deep into the shadiest, seediest and sometimes scariest areas of our world, fantasies, and the human psyche. And you know what?
Apparently, we love it. It superb!
We are hooked on shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Wire, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Weeds, American Horror Story, The Sopranos, True Blood and House of Cards, just to name a few.

Of course, for some people, these shows are just a bit too dark. But, for me it is fun to waiting for redemptive resolution that affirms our understanding of right and wrong. Because we have a sick fascination with watching the underbelly of society live out our own secret desires, am I right?

In my real live I also have something called Fukushu. During my quarantine period to be superhero in Taiwan, he often gives me some remembrances about my past. Rizky Aulya Akbar was the Pragmatic Anti-Hero! 
When I fought with seikatsu, I often commited acts that might seem more characteristic of a villain than a hero. However, I had morally good intentions and often hold themselves to strict moral standards—it's just that those standards were not always what others might expected from a hero.

It's been one year in Taiwan, the superhero quarantine zone. I discovering new way to breath. The best place that Allah give me to determine my seikatsu faction. Superhero or Anti-Hero.

As I expected I met so many Superheroes, Anti-Heroes and witches. I was first surprised and then aghast with these witches, esssspeciallly the witch from the Red River. She harmed me twice!!! 😑 (-.-)
scatterbrained!! Double kicked broh!
Do I need to do "the right thing" to her?

Fortunately, she has a really good friend! The dragon warior!
Well, I agree and give her last chance until the jigoku come. Hahaha :)

I will rarely if ever commit a villainous deed that doesn't further the cause of good in a way. It is more about doing the right thing whether anyone likes it or not, and will shove aside more idealistic heroes who give them a What the Hell, Hero? moment.

By the way this is the music video :